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Below I will go into more details about my baccarat systems, including what I went through to develop them.

I began my gambling career as a professional blackjack player.  Casinos are still very paranoid about people who are successful at that game and eventually I was forced to switch to something else.  I chose craps and played that for a few years.  But long hours at the craps tables were taking their toll on my body.  I began to diligently look for a method to beat baccarat because of its low house edge and I could sit down while playing it! 

For the first couple of years my efforts bore little fruit.  I began by purchasing other baccarat systems which were on the market.  They varied in price from $200 to $2000.  But no matter how expensive or highly touted they were, none worked over the long haul.  Disillusioned and frustrated, I began to diligently work to develop my own baccarat system.  But every time I thought I had something, continued testing would divulge a serious weakness or flaw and the whole system would go up in smoke.  I remember on more than one occasion yelling in frustration and hurling my notebook across the room.  And on another occasion after about a year of searching and testing new ideas I calmly put down my notebook and pen and promised myself that I would never again waste another minute of my time trying to develop a baccarat system.  But Iím glad that is one promise I didnít keep.

I was so frustrated with the game that I even stated publicly in articles that I didnít think the game of baccarat could be beaten long term.  Now Iím happy to say that Iíve had to recant and eat those words.  Finally developing a winning baccarat system was like suddenly discovering that Leprechauns exist.  I have to admit that at first I could hardly believe it myself.   

I remember waking up one day with an idea.  In spite of my promise to myself I grabbed a pen and a notebook and began testing.   I was surprised to find that this simple idea was actually winning.  This original system, which I called Balanced Baccarat, went through some evolution and changes but eventually it proved to be a system that showed a long term profit.  And to this day many of my clients still play this system because of the success it has brought them.  But better things were to come. 

About the same time I was working on a roulette system that I knew was going to be a long term winner because it was based upon the same principles which I used at the craps tables.  But I suddenly realized that one aspect of the system might be adopted to baccarat.  Sure enough, the 3-Way line of baccarat systems emerged.  For once, baccarat players had a flat bet system that actually turned a long term profit.  After the original 3-Way system came the 3-Way Addendum and then finally 3-Way Plus.

3-Way Plus

3-Way Plus is a totally unique approach to the game of baccarat.  The reason it works so well is that it essentially turns the inherent randomness of the game against itself.  The result is a system that is a definite long term winner. 

3-Way Plus has been tested for hundreds of shoes and also played extensively live in casinos.  It has consistently produced a net profit over the long term in excess of 2 units per shoe and there have been groups of up to 50 shoes where it produced an average net profit in excess of 5 units per shoe.  (By net profit I mean total profit remaining after subtracting losses and commissions).  This is truly outstanding as far as baccarat systems go and I only know of one other system that produces better.  (In case you are wondering Iím referring to my 3-D Bac version 2 which I will speak of later).     

3-Way Plus requires a lifetime bankroll of about 120 units.  Of that amount, you never risk more than 20 units on any one shoe.  The risk to return on investment is very good.  And where else could you average getting a 10% return on your overall investment portfolio in one dayís time?

3-Way Plus does use a slight progression but it is very controlled.  However, if you are an extremely conservative player and want a system that produces almost as well as 3-Way Plus, yet uses flat bets then allow me to introduce you to Three Dimensional Baccarat

Three Dimensional Baccarat

3-D Bac actually turns the tables on the casinos and gives the player a slight advantage over the house!  That is why you can use flat bets.  3-D Bac is another very unique approach to the game.  The bet selection process is so good that, as I said, you can actually make a profit by betting the same amount on every decision all the way through the shoe.  (Even James Bond would love a system like that.)  You win many more bets than you lose in the long run and that is why this system is a bonafide long term winner.  It is not that difficult to play and it will become second nature after a few shoes.  This system has been tested even more extensively than the others and I personally played it live for some time.  In fact it was my system of choice until I discovered 3-D Bac version 2.

Because 3-D Bac is a flat bet system, the bankroll requirements are relatively small.  40 units of lifetime bankroll should be enough since you only put 10 units at risk per shoe.  To this date, I believe my largest draw down was only 26 units and that is after hundreds of shoes of testing and play.  But if you use a 50 or even as little as a 40 unit bankroll, you should be able to play with complete peace of mind.  3-D Bac nets around 2 units per shoe.  Even though bet selection is totally mechanical, as you gain experience with the system your overall net profit per shoe should increase.  I just recently heard from a client who has been playing 3-D Bac professionally for awhile now and he reports that he is averaging right at 2 units net profit per shoe, so that would seem to substantiate my experience through tests and live play.

Another great advantage of 3-D Bac is the small bankroll required to get started.  If you play mini bac where the typical table minimum is $5, you only need a $250 bankroll to start.  And if you plow all your profits back into your bankroll, you only need about 20 sessions playing 5 or 6 shoes per session to increase your betting unit to $25.  That means that within a month you could be averaging $250 per day in profits!  And of course it just mushrooms from there!

If youíve tried other systems and been disappointed, donít give up!  I honestly believe you will find both 3-D Bac and 3-Way Plus to be solid winners and certainly among the best systems available if not the best.  Many gamblers search their whole lifetimes trying to find a system that will help them consistently come home with a nice chunk of the casinoís money.  I recently tried my luck at an American online casino called where I was able to take home a couple of home over $500 in a single session using these systems. I honestly believe either of these two baccarat systems will do just that for you as well.

Both systems sell for $130 each.  They are both outstanding systems and either one should be a good vehicle for you to use on the road to gambling success.  The two systems kind of compliment each other too because one uses a small progression while the other is more conservative and uses flat bets only.  For a limited time we will sell both systems together for $195.  Thatís a $65 savings.  On top of that, if you purchase both of these systems or any other two of the Guruís systems such as The Guruís Professional Craps System or System 6+ Roulette, we will throw in MP Blackjack at no extra charge.  If MP Blackjack isnít the greatest blackjack system ever devised, it is certainly close.  This is a tremendous offer and a package that should insure your gambling success for years to come.

Three Dimensional Baccarat Version 2

Earlier, I mentioned my current system of choice.  It is loosely based on the framework of 3-D Baccarat but it actually encompasses most of what Iíve learned about beating the game so far.  I call this system 3-D Baccarat Version 2 and I honestly believe it to be one of the best, if not the best, gambling systems available anywhere! 

My results playing this system have been almost spectacular as baccarat systems go.  Extensive tests have been conducted using not only live data, but computer software.  Through out all tests, it has steadily averaged in excess of 5 units net profit per shoe!  And by ďnet profitĒ I mean profits left after subtracting losing shoes and commissions.  Iíve been playing it live in the casinos for several weeks now and Iím averaging about 4 units net profit per shoe. 

3-D Bac Version 2 uses a somewhat unique approach to the game.  It tracks the development of the shoe in 3 different areas or dimensions.  The tracking combined with a betting method that is a bit of a departure from the norm actually has the effect of adjusting your bet automatically in proportion to the likelihood of that bet winning.  It is also designed to be highly effective against a shoe that closely follows the perfect model for a baccarat shoe.  When a shoe comes close to being a normal random baccarat shoe, 3-D Bac Version 2 produces some impressive profits.  Iíve had several shoes where I won 40 units or more.  And winning 20 units or more in a shoe is fairly commonplace.  Of course the farther a shoe deviates from the norm, the more the system will struggle, but you donít get too many shoes that are just totally whacked out and never give you a chance of winning.  In fact this system normally gives you a chance to win 85% of your shoes if you play conservatively.  But of course no system will win every shoe or even every session.  But you will find losing sessions to be very scarce.

You should have a life time bankroll of about 120 units to play 3-D Bac Version 2.  You will probably never have a draw down anywhere close to that, but it is always best to have more than enough, that way you can always play freely without worries of busting your bankroll.  Your buy in per shoe is 20 units, so you should never lose much more than that in any one individual shoe.  3-D Bac Version 2 thus far has been so effective that if a player wanted to reinvest all his winnings back into his bankroll, he could conceivably double his bankroll every 5 or 6 sessions.  I know the potential for making large amounts of money with this system is definitely there for anybody.

The price for 3-D Baccarat Version 2 is $450.  I believe that price is fair considering the quality of the system.  Also, it isnít that great when you consider that playing Mini Bac with only $10 units, one could possibly recoup the entire purchase price in one or two sessions.  

Also, I am offering a conditional guarantee with 3-D Bac Version 2.  For details on the guarantee, click here.  

Iím not going to try to entice you to order by appealing to your greed or paint pictures of fabulous wealth and sugar plums dancing in your head.  Being a winning gambler is not easy and it requires self discipline as well as bankroll and a winning system.  There are no absolute guarantees.  But the information is here if you want it.  I can assure you that you will be hard pressed to find better systems at any price.  So as you can see, Royal Vegas casino are in high demand and have plenty of top Australian casino games to play online. No matter which one you pick we can guarantee that you'll not only have a great time playing at this no deposit casino with free bonus (you'll have to look around the site to see what the free bonus is, depending on which game you want to play), but you'll also be a part of one of the greatest online casino communities in the world!

Hereís A Deal!

Our 3-D Baccarat Version 2 is in my opinion, the Greatest Gambling System ever and we feel $450 is very fair considering there are baccarat systems being sold for thousands that don't come close to it! However, my other baccarat systems and my craps, roulette, and blackjack systems are all winners!  I don't know anybody else who has developed winning systems for each of the popular casino games but all of the my systems that I have personally spent years developing have all been winners for me! And I realize that some of you would rather start off with some of our other systems and make some money before purchasing our 3-D Bac 2 system.

So, I have decided to offer some packaged deals that should suit all of you!

Special #1:  If you order both 3-Way Plus and the original 3-D Baccarat now as a package, you can get them for $195. 

Special #2:  Here is another option for those who enjoy Craps, Roulette, or Blackjack.  If you order any two of these fine systems authored by me, you can get them as a package for $195.  The systems included in this offer are:  The Guruís Professional Craps System, System 6+ Roulette, 3-Way Plus Baccarat or Three Dimensional Baccarat (original version).  Order any two of these systems and you will be given MP Blackjack free!  MP Blackjack is the most recent incarnation of the blackjack method that I played so successfully.  In over 20 years of playing and research, this is the best most effective method Iíve found for beating the game of blackjack. 

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