Professional Baccarat Player finally
releases his top systems to the public! 

I am known to many simply as "The Guru".  I have been a professional gambler for many years and have developed many winning gambling systems. But even I know that Baccarat is a tough game to beat.  In fact, it took me almost 2 years of intensive research, and testing to finally come up with a system that was a long term winner.  But once the doors of revelation and understanding were opened, a flood of ideas came forth and one winning system after another was developed. You can read about the evolution of my baccarat systems by clicking here.  

Despite what the so-called “Gambling Experts” may say, and despite what casino management themselves may believe, THIS GAME CAN BE BEATEN ON A CONSISTENT BASIS!  And I have the systems to prove it. 

Gamblers have been searching for systems like these for years, but have been disappointed time and time again.  I spent thousands of dollars on worthless systems playing baccarat for bitcoins before finally realizing that if I was ever going to have a method that would consistently beat the game of baccarat I was going to have to develop it myself.  And so, after almost 2 years of diligent effort and often much frustration, I finally succeeded. I know have developed not one, but three separateWINNING Baccarat Systems! Others have failed to come up with just one successful system, while I have developed three!

All 3 of these fine systems track the shoe in unique ways.  Each system does it a little differently, but all are effective.  Three Dimensional Baccarat and 3-D Baccarat Version 2 track 3 different aspects of the action in each shoe, while 3-Way Plus uses a unique tracking system that serves to turn the randomness of the game against itself.   

Another great attribute of the systems is that there is no more guessing or judgment calls about what to bet and when to bet it.  Bet selection for all 3 systems is TOTALLY MECHANICAL.  

Heres some information about the Systems....

3-Way Plus 

No matter how many approaches to the game of baccarat you may have seen, I can almost guarantee you have never seen anything like the bet selection method of 3-Way Plus.  And as every successful gambler knows, in order for a method to be a long term winner, it has got to have a SUPERIOR BET SELECTION METHOD.  If it doesn’t, it has no chance of winning long term.  3-Way Plus has both a superior and a unique method of selecting bets. Add to this an unusual but controlled progression and the end result is a system that consistently averages 2 to 3 units of net profit (profit after subtracting losses and commissions) per shoe. 

  Three Dimensional Baccarat 

If you are a player who eschews progressions and wants to win using FLAT BETS ONLY, then Three Dimensional Baccarat could be the answer to your prayers.  Three Dimensional Baccarat tracks the shoe in 3 different ways, and unlike other card games like poker it is very easy to play.  It’s unique bet selection method is like a heat seeking missile that will put you on target and automatically have you betting with the shoe, often before you can even see yourself which way it is going.  It is thisSUPERIOR BET SELECTION METHOD that will actually turn the tables on the casino and give you, the player, a slight long term advantage over the house.  Long term, we have found that Three Dimensional Baccarat will yield an average net profit of around 2 units per shoe.  This is pretty fantastic for flat betting. 

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3-D Baccarat Version 2

Finally, in the early part of 2001, inspiration struck me once more and I combined certain aspects of 3-Way Plus and Three Dimensional Baccarat and added one new component, and the result was 3-D Baccarat Version 2.  I currently believe that, everything considered, this may possibly be the Best Gambling system ever developed!  I feel that it is certainly the best that I am currently aware of and I have probably seen the majority of systems now available. 

3-D Bac Version 2 works by tracking 3 different elements of a shoe and these elements interacting with and counter balancing one another produce exceptional profits.  It is not a flat bet system, but it doesn’t exactly use a true progression either (at least not the way most people think of progressions).  When all elements of the system are combined, the end result is that the side that is most likely to win is selected, and the size of the bet is automatically adjusted based upon the overall likelihood of that bet winning.  It is actually based upon a model of a normal random baccarat shoe.  And the closer a shoe comes to conforming to this model, the better 3-D Bac Version 2 will do.  It is not uncommon to have wins of 20, 30, or even 40 units in one shoe!  Naturally some shoes will have larger deviations than others, and not even 3-D Bac Version 2 will win every shoe, but with conservative play you should find that you will have a chance to win 85% of your shoes.  So far in all our testing from live shoes and even computer related tests, the system has consistently averaged a net profit of 5+ units per shoe!  In live play I have averaged in excess of 4 units per shoe. 

Despite its technical accuracy and tracking different aspects of the shoe, 3-D Bac Version 2 is NOT difficult to play.  After a few shoes of practice, you will be charting and arriving at your bet selection within a few seconds.   

The bottom line is that I don’t believe you are going to find a better baccarat system for producing long term success than 3-D Bac Version 2.  Not only that, the system is sold with a guarantee!  Click here for details on my guarantee.

You can get more details about the systems by clicking here and if have any questions about my systems.  If you are looking for a poker system check out real money poker guide for some ideas.  Any other questions you can email me here and I'll personally email you back as soon as possible.

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